Thursday, August 05, 2004

We're Here!

After saying goodbye to our teary eyed parents we headed towards our gate, our hearts were burdened with lonely parents being left back in Canada. Everything went well in customs and we had absolutely no problems. We walked to where our plane would be picking us up to take us to our destination of Dublin, Ireland. As we boarded, people of all shapes and sizes boarded with us, some going to Dublin, some to Shannon. Thank goodness we were not going to Shannon because I do not think any of us could take any more then 5 hours and 45 minutes. Unfortunately, the worst of our problems had just begun… we had to wait half an hour for the sink to be fixed, then we would be on our merry way. But of course as we were about to take off, we and to back up and wait another hour and a half for the plane to be rid of its engine malfunctions. After a strenuous wait, we were finally off to the one place we wanted to be in for a while now. It was an excellent flight, mind the complimentary crumpets and eggs. But as luck has it one of our lucky travellers won a prize!! Yay Melanie! Congrats on your purse that you will not wear.
Okay, so when we arrived we met up with Paul and Leonard, and after being magnetically drawn to our beds, we spent the rest of the night getting to do a little team bonding and making new friends. We love it here in Ireland and we think we just might stay here. Just Kidding. :) God Bless Canada! And Ireland too!

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