Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Twas the night before Athens....

All my bags are packed (um...kinda), I'm ready to go (well almost)....
Actually I'm feeling kind of sick. I am coughing with a sore throat. Sylas' nose is running. Linda called from PEI with alergies. Paul has a sore throat and other ailments. You'd think we were involved in some spiritual warfare here..

For all you who are reading this we are going into enemy territory. The Greeks are not our enemies, the devil is and he's starting with our health. Seems like in the book of Job health was the last thing that Satan was allowed to attack. I guess since we have no real posessions to our name Satan went right to the top of the list :) Anyhow, please pray!!!

So, come rain or shine everybody is arriving at our house before 5PM tomorrow. Say your prayers and take your vitamins you little hulkamaniacs!! Get a good night sleep. You'll need it.

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