Monday, August 23, 2004

Up North

Well folks, it's Shawn here on the wireless connection for probably the last time in a while. This morning we are picking up 2 rental cars and driving up north to Agia Anna, Pefki, Limni and Edipsos to give them the gospel too. A lady named Christina and her wonderful family have offered for us to stay with them up there, and so today we are on our way. Please pray for us:
1. Travelling - driving in Greece can be difficult - Linda & I will be the drivers
2. Contacts - as we drive up we will be dropping off literature
3. Decisions - lost souls for Christ, and some team members for decisions to serve God as missionaries in the future

Here are a few final pictures from the laptop...i guess you could pray for internet access while we're up north :)

Danielle with the empty boxes of bibles. A few stories here:
1. A lady refused a packet from Paul yesterday because "her friend called her and warned her about us". Seems word is spreading that the "heretics" are in town :) We were able to give out over 600 packs in one day.

We were able to share at the Evangelical church on Sunday. I spoke, we sang as a group and then Channa rocked the house as usual :)

We love you all and are exceedingly thankful for your participation with us in the gospel!

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