Friday, August 27, 2004

Shopping days = fun

Well today is the long awaited 27th of August, the absolutely FREE day to explore Athens and do as we please.

Veronica and the birthday girl Mel bought tickets for the men's volleyball semi-finals and blew some euros on clothes and such.

Channa and Danielle bought USA Semi-final basketball tickets for a ludicrous 80 euros, which is worth it for the match they are seeing.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some relatives of mine then traveling to the main Olympic complex for some architectural photography. Along with Len, we got passed 2 sets of armed guards, solely for the purpose of photography. Amazing.

Shawn Hayley and Sylas went to Monnestiraki for some shopping fun.

Len was kind of all over the place, but he joined me to see the Olympic stadium. He is now practising for the worship session tonight.

In conclusion, a special note to parents - wire some money to your kids! We need it for gifts for you.


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