Thursday, August 26, 2004

Adventures in Halkida

Well, what can I say? It was a long strenious trip to the island of Evia. We took an excrutiating air-conditioned, reclining seat, train ride for 2 and half an hours. (Just for those of you who didn't get the joke, it wasn't bad). But anyways, i believe it was on the fourth day of being on the island (City Halikida), we did another round of handing out literature. But first I must tell you a little something from the day before... my awsome buddy Mel and I were handing out bibles, then Mel spotted an apartment and decided to distribute bibles there so, I continued on, but out of the blue this lady comes up to me and asks me if I was a Jehovah. Of course i replied "No." Then she gives me a nasty look and walks away and calls me a Jehovah anyways. People these days. So back to the next day, Shawn and I decided to buddy up for a little literature round-a-bouting. Shawn spots a nice teenager boy watching the ol' tube, he hands a bag through a balcony. Then catch this, out of no where the bag flies out of the window, along with a rather not so nice looking foot. Guess who?

The lady from the day before! Surprised?!! Well at least Shawn was because read closely, after the foot came, then, oh yes you better believe it... the HAND!!! She gave him a very fierce slap across the head! His hat practically pulling a triple axile. If i was not to witness this first act of harsh punishment, i would've been next because her hand was dancing a pretty nice tango around my head. I fortunalty didn't get hit as well. But please pray for this extremely couragous
women as she lives on with out knowing the gospel and love of Jesus Christ, but of only creepy priests who never shave. Just kidding, (well about the priest anyways). But all things good come to those who wait,and we had pretty good reception after that. Well that's what I have for you all back home, where ever home
really is... I love you all! A. Susan O you rock!! Thank you so much for the post, it made me feel very happy! Well Peace out. Easy.


P.S. Mel's Mom, Mel is so having a birthday tomorrow! she's full of bologna!

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