Thursday, August 19, 2004

Fasting = Over

The fast is over. 3 cheers for that. We learned a lot through it, though, and most of the team members plan to do it again.

We've taken to eating the same things at the same restaurants everyday. When the price is right, it's most definitely right. We eat very well for under 5 euros. In the Greek culture, eating the same thing 3 nights in a row is a GOOD thing!

We were met with some confusion today in our plans to evangalize this island. First, we were met with the authoritative ways of the Dutch sea captain, Foko, who scolded us for being 20 minutes late for our meeting. He was even mad when I suggested that he calm down and forget about it. Strange character that Foko. We are still deciding whether to stay here in Halkitha, a large city, or go to a smaller town in accordance with Hellenic Ministries wishes. If our choice was the latter, we would be forced to leave our hostel, rent 2 sub-compact automobiles, and head up north. It would be as those cheesy Christian books say "breaking our comfort zone." But hey! Who am I to screw with God's plans! If he wants us to pack up and head north, so be it!

For those of you who are a little confused at the schedule, here's a breakdown.

3 days of prayer and fasting ( completed )
3 days of proclamation evangelism ( starting tomorrow )
3 days of literature distribution ( we have approximately 1500 )

This may be switched around so we can distribute literature to Halkitha. Keep praying. Pray especially for rest... One of those insanely heavenly rests that you get when you sleep for like 56 hours after getting a massage and eating your favourite meal.

In conclusion, bye.

Paul Roides

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