Thursday, August 12, 2004

Melanie's note :-)

HELLO!!! I finally am able to post...woo hoo!!!
I understand that my mom is an avid fan of the blog site...way to go mom..the team thinks you are cool and are very much appreciative of all the comments and all the prayerful support!
I passed the opportunity for a free tour yesterday..little did I realize that this was a rude thing to do in Greek culture ;-) I am here for better reasons than meeting guys anyhow!
Thank you to my mom for writing to me and for the news from home!
We went to the Acropolis and it was amazing and to the place Paul preached..very surreal and makes the Bible feel so much more "real" if that makes sense!
Everyone here is very supportive and the worship sessions are energizing!
One man spoke last night (costas??) and he was so inspiring to see his love of the Lord! He ha da dream to have Greece evangelized and the Lord helped him realize this with hundreds of people across the world, united for this cause!!!
Mom, I love you and miss you very much, please keep your work on the homefront and keep know about who I am talking about!
You can feel that the Lord is with us..He has dealt with MANY things that I have had on my mind lately and it is amazing!
Mom I will try and write you later..I am sorry about the camera being taken :-( Lots of love, Melanie

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