Friday, August 13, 2004

Channa and Len rock the house!

Well folks, as promised, here is a recap of yesterday and a look forward to what you can pray for today.

RECAP: Yesterday seemed like an all day prayer meeting. We had a meeting in the morning where Len and Channa sang "Power of your love" and brought everyone to tears:


Then in the evening we watched the opening ceremonies and prayed for each country as they walked into the olympic stadium. Len prayed for Ireland. Channa prayed for Jamaica. What a thrill!


It was amazing to be there praying as the world watched. We discovered the whole thing is wrapped up in pagan worship of Zeus, like the song they sang before raising the flag and lighting the torch is a "hymn to zeus"! Here are the words, translated from Greek:

(To Zeus)
Ancient immortal spirit, unsullied father of that which is beautiful, great & true.
Descend, make thyself known and shine hero on this earth, and below these skies witness thy glory.

Illuminate the endeavor of the noble contestants in the running, the wrestling and the throwing. Place a wreath of evergreen branch, creating the body as of iron and worthy.

Vales, mountains and oceans shine with thee like unto a great temple of white and porphyry to which all peoples hasten to this temple to WORSHIP THEE, oh ancient immortal spirit.

Crazy stuff


We will be heading to Athens again to do outreach near Omonia square. HM has a "prayer house" (evripidou hall) done up so we can pray more. Then at 9:30 there is a free concert by the Christian group "Delirious" in Omonia square in downtown athens with testimonies from athletes. Should be a great, but late, night. Please pray for our endurance.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM PAUL - Don't forget to check out the brand spanking new picture blog for all your photographic needs. Check the link above the stats.

Love you all,

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