Tuesday, November 30, 2004

God's will

After a fruitful discussion about dating - click here - , the topic has moved to the realm of God's will. If, as I said, "Love is a choice", then what does that say for the bigger subject of our choice, and God's will. Do we choose our own path, or does each of us need to find "God's will for my life".

There are 2 sides to this debate. The "Personal" view, and the "Universal" view.

The "Personal" folks say that God's will is this mystical thing that you are always trying to find out. God's will is something for the individual and therefore each person must decern what is "God's will for my life". People in this camp are constantly waiting for some direct personal revelation. They are always waiting for God to "speak to them" in some magical way.

The Universal view is that God's will is revealed in the Bible and all we have to do is follow it. God's will is revealed to everyone in the form of commands for everyone to follow. My conclusion is that God does not reveal to each and every person what he wants for them, but leaves us with "over-arching" commands/principles or boundaries and then within those we are free to do as we wish. (As you probably guessed I'm in the Universal camp.)

What camp are you in and why? Have you thought much about why you believe the way you do?

Saturday, November 27, 2004


Athens team members rejoice. Jason, Mel's friend from Timmins accepted Christ just recently through the help of Mel's mom, while Mel was at school in London.
Pray for Jason to grow and for his discipleship.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Ever heard people say "door to door evangelism doesn't work"? Well before you believe them, ask them if they've ever done it! It works! Read on!

Today after our evangelism training some of us headed out to knock on doors and share the gospel.

Door 1: Scott and Jeff talked to a man named Jim who invited them in and welcomed a call back.

Door 2: Hayley and Matthan talked to a guy named Brandyn, who had gone to Sunday school as a young boy. He welcomed them in, was very open, said he wanted to start coming to church, gave us his phone number and is coming to our home bible study!

Door 3: Rachel talked a lady named Melba who invited her in for tea. They chatted for over 45 minutes and Rachel said "that's the best talk with an unbeilever I've ever had!"

So there you have it - doors works.
Ever think that's the reason that the JW's and Mormons are the fastest growing religions on earth! (by converts - Islam is fastest by birth rate).

Pray for these folks, but also pray that all of us would get our butts in gear and go knock on some doors! What are you waiting for? Have you ever knocked on doors before? If not, Why not? If so, please share, it would encourage us all.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lukas' prophecy

Today we had a very intersting experience that I wanted to share. Hayley and Lukas went shopping and Lukas insisted on getting cake for some reason. Hayley said no and went to another aisle but he bugged and bugged till hayley got it. (not usually good parenting :)
They brought the cake home and it was all that Lukas talked about! They went on a walk, he talked about cake. He went to sleep, woke up and talked about cake. For some reason this kid wanted cake!

Well, Hayley finally made the cake after dinner when Maggie & Derek were here. Jason Tremblay also popped in to see us and maggie & derek, but we hadn't planned any formal bible study because Shawn was at a meeting.
About half an hour after he arrived, Jason got a call that Eder's class was done early so he was going to leave just before they ate cake. :(
Hayley said "why don't you go and get Eder and come back becuase we need help eating the cake". Because of the cake (that Lukas wanted so bad) Jason came back with Eder and they had a really amazing discussion with Maggie & Derek. Eder told her testimony and then Maggie & Derek opened up about why they are not believers yet. It was a great night, all thanks to Lukas and his prophetic cake purchase :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cuthill rant series

November is turning out to be one of our busier months so I'm going to recycle a few posts that I put up on thecuthills.com website.

Today's topic: Dating is a non-biblical concept:

Had an interesting MSN converstion with a friend (who will remain anonymous) that just broke up after a long-term relationship.
It was typical christian-dating talk. "They were the first person I loved", "I really loved person x", and my favorite "why would God lead us to love if it wasn't meant to be"

People - read my lips - God does not lead anyone to anyone. Period.
We get to choose, and sometimes we make bad choices. Unless of course we end up in an arranged marriage...in which case, we choose to love the person.

LOVE IS A CHOICE. Get it through your adolescent, OC watchin heads. Love is a choice. Bottom line.

Therefore, before we go choosing to love someone, and allowing our emotions to get involved we better be pretty sure the person we are "in love" with is the person we are going to marry....or else it's gonna hurt....ALOT (And btw, don't blame God when things go wrong.)

Just my 2 cents - I have done the christian-dating scene myself - but am happy to report I escaped with a wonderful wife who I have been married to for almost 4 years now.

Chose wisely.

21Nov04-Log-Sun:9AM-1PM: BofB, FBH, 6:30-8 China video
20Nov04-Log-Sat: 9AM: Evangelism training at chapel till 12:30. 1-3: door to door. 3-5: veronica, clayon, alpha over. 6-11: Leaside C&C
19Nov04-Log-Fri: 11:30-1:Preach @ LAM christian fellowship, 1-3:maps for evangelism saturday,photocopies. 3-4:30: tracts @ MAC - good chats with Keith, afghan guys. 4-5 daycare "chapel" session. 5-6:30 veronica over. 7-10: youth (17 total, 2 new), drive veronica home - 11:30 home
18Nov04-Log-Thurs:10AM read to daycare kids, 11-2:plan for saturday, maps, photocopies, materials, emails. 2-4 tracts @ LAM highschool. 4-5:30 office. 7:30-10:30PM Shawn@MIC, Hayley Bible study with Maggie & Derek, Jason & Eder
17Nov04-Log-Wed:9:30AM - snow fence, clear drain with Daniel. 11-4 meet with elders (Nev,Daniel). 4-6 office organize, plan for saturday. 8-10 prayer meeting

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Logging in

Just back recovering from the weekend. More soon.

14Nov04-Log-Sun: 9-1PM: chapel, 1-4 Edward & anna for lunch 6-9 chapel for Zambia presentation

13Nov04-Log-Sat: 7AM-12:30PM=prayer breakfast @ Don Valley - organizing with MIC & giving report on Greece, 1PM pick up Veronica go to Rossland Ridge Rally, 1:30-10PM=Preach 3 times at Rossland - 11:00 home

12noon=at chapel(argentina planning, youth group stuff, prep for weekend seminars), 3PM=100 tracts @ MAC, 4PM "chapel" for daycare puppet show, 5PM set up for missionary breakfast at Don Valley, 7PM back at Bridlegrove for youth - 18 kids, 2 new. 9:30 help Mary Martin. 11PM home

10AM read to daycare kids, prep for saturday, print out handouts, changed offices. 2:30-4PM-100 tracts@LAM. 5PM dinner with Josh. 6PM Awana flyers. 7:30PM Bible Study with Maggie/Derek, Josh, Steve, Clayon, Novella. 10:30PM everyone leaves

10Nov04-Log-Wed: 10AM pray with elders (des), library planning, powerpoint for greece presentation

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


*Update - new link to "The Lego Bible" - www.bricktestament.com. This link was inspired by Jen Dallaire! :) Click and enjoy! .

I'm pretty much toast till at least Monday. I have to preach 4 times on Saturday - missionary breakfast and Rossland Ridge Rally - so I'll be out of commission, fine tuning for those. Also have regular bible study tomorrow night with Maggie & Derek, and a new girl from China named Linda. Then Friday I have to set up for the missionary breakfast and there's regular youth group.

So in the meantime I thought I'd pose a question for everyone to discuss:

Is George Bush a "man of God" as Patti says - click here - "He is a man of God and I am proud to have him as my president." ? Or is he a "man of war"? Can one be both? Wouldn't a man of God "turn the other cheek"?

click here for Bush's agenda
(ps. this is a spoof, but a darn good one)

Be back soon :)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Wilks on Wesley

My good man Matt Wilks recently commented on my previous article on John Wesley. Click here to read that article:

Matt says:

As I was reading a few entries I saw the one on Wesley's Bands and was mighty intrigued. The discussion on the comments was interesting too as some parts seemed to hint at the seemingly popular idea that the grace of God is some loosey-goosey license to remain undisciplined in our walk with Him.

Have you taken any further steps in the direction that Wesley encouraged, or had any other thoughts on the matter?

Actually I have thought alot about it, but have difficulty with how the concept fits with North American church-on-Sunday mentality.

What I could see is the implementation of some of the steps and bands,especially the first group called the "trial band" (except for the stuff where people get kicked out for any little thing, I don't know how that would work, but will consider it, maybe in the future). Also, one has to consider lawsuits these days for every little thing, so therefore the "rules" could take on the form of more of a "waiver" which memebers would sign. For example:

I _______________ understand that at each meeting i will be asked..
Has no sin, inward or outward, dominion over you? Do you desire to be told your faults? Do you desire to be told of all your faults, and that plain and home?...
Signed: __________________ Date: ___________________________

I've also thought along the lines of a "discipleship contract" that someone would enter into with the person leading the study. This would bring a more serious tone to discipleship, but might make it a little more robotic. I have a sample drawn up if anyone wants to see it.

So my question is, how would that fly? Have small group studies with the same rules wesley used, but get people to sign an agreement? What about a discipleship contract? What other steps could we use to start moving toward personal accountability, holiness and discipleship? How could we implement these important relational questions into north american church life? would people be offended if they arrived at church on sunday morning and they were asked:
1. What known sins have you committed since our last meeting?
2. What temptations have you met with?
3. How were you delivered?
4. What have you thought, said, or done, of which you doubt whether it be sin or not?
How would you feel?

10AM-12:30 - prayer with elders (Des), 2:30-4:30 - tracts at Timothy Eaton, great talk with Jamie, Chris, Matt. 5-11 - dinner with Hayley's cousin in Brampton.

04Nov04-Log-Thurs: 10AM-4:40PM - maps for e-benji-lism , contact pakistani couple, planning for friday (food, people, games, songs, speaking), powerpoint for greece presentation at missionary breakfast, 7:30-10:30PM - home study with maggie & derek, michelle, josh, steve

05Nov04-Log-Fri:12-2:30 - @chapel, plan for youth, calls, set up. 2:30-4 - 50 tracts at MAC highschool. 4-6 set up with ferne, kelly, josh, ted. 6:30-11 youth with Greenwood (eat, play, sing, talk, video) 41 @youth - 6 new

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Aaron Lewis is a young boy who attends Bridlegrove Daycamp. Yesterday he was playing at school when a soccer goal came down on the back of his head. When the paramedics got to the scene he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, so they airlifted him to Sick Kids Hospital. He suffered 4 fractures to his skull and a splinter of a bone punctured his brain. He was unconscious and put on a ventillator. He underwent surgery to remove the splinter and insert 2 plates in his skull. He is still not conscious. Please pray for Aaron. Anyone with updates, please post a comment below.