Sunday, November 21, 2004


Ever heard people say "door to door evangelism doesn't work"? Well before you believe them, ask them if they've ever done it! It works! Read on!

Today after our evangelism training some of us headed out to knock on doors and share the gospel.

Door 1: Scott and Jeff talked to a man named Jim who invited them in and welcomed a call back.

Door 2: Hayley and Matthan talked to a guy named Brandyn, who had gone to Sunday school as a young boy. He welcomed them in, was very open, said he wanted to start coming to church, gave us his phone number and is coming to our home bible study!

Door 3: Rachel talked a lady named Melba who invited her in for tea. They chatted for over 45 minutes and Rachel said "that's the best talk with an unbeilever I've ever had!"

So there you have it - doors works.
Ever think that's the reason that the JW's and Mormons are the fastest growing religions on earth! (by converts - Islam is fastest by birth rate).

Pray for these folks, but also pray that all of us would get our butts in gear and go knock on some doors! What are you waiting for? Have you ever knocked on doors before? If not, Why not? If so, please share, it would encourage us all.

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