Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lukas' prophecy

Today we had a very intersting experience that I wanted to share. Hayley and Lukas went shopping and Lukas insisted on getting cake for some reason. Hayley said no and went to another aisle but he bugged and bugged till hayley got it. (not usually good parenting :)
They brought the cake home and it was all that Lukas talked about! They went on a walk, he talked about cake. He went to sleep, woke up and talked about cake. For some reason this kid wanted cake!

Well, Hayley finally made the cake after dinner when Maggie & Derek were here. Jason Tremblay also popped in to see us and maggie & derek, but we hadn't planned any formal bible study because Shawn was at a meeting.
About half an hour after he arrived, Jason got a call that Eder's class was done early so he was going to leave just before they ate cake. :(
Hayley said "why don't you go and get Eder and come back becuase we need help eating the cake". Because of the cake (that Lukas wanted so bad) Jason came back with Eder and they had a really amazing discussion with Maggie & Derek. Eder told her testimony and then Maggie & Derek opened up about why they are not believers yet. It was a great night, all thanks to Lukas and his prophetic cake purchase :)

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