Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'll try to get a clearer image of Grandpas sweet hat soon. Posted by Hello

Grandpa and me Posted by Hello
My only goal in life now is to get a Motherwell hat just like the one he is wearing in this pic.

4 Generations of Cuthill men Posted by Hello

Grandpa and me Posted by Hello

Friday, April 29, 2005


The angel closes her eyes...

Alexander Cuthill - May 20th,1920 > April 29th, 2005 Posted by Hello
Just got the news that my Grandpa passed away this afternoon. Almost exactly 2 months after Grandma passed (Febraury 28). I'm just sitting thinking about it all. Life. Death. So many emotions. At the same time we are just starting to tell people about Baby3. What is so special about life that it rips you apart inside when it is gone and fills you with such joy and hope when it is created? And why have I been granted this gift, this wonder, this existence?

The comfort for me at this time is knowing that Grandpa was the first one to know about Baby3. When we visited him in the hospital everyone was leaving the room and I went to give him a hug and a kiss, and I wispered in his ear "We're having another baby, and you're the first one to know". I loved him alot. I think I'll go put on my Motherwell hat and cry for a while.

Monday, April 25, 2005

God provides

Just had to publicly thank God here on the athensblog for providing again for us. I can't tell you the full details right now (ask later) and it might not be a big deal to some, but since we "live on faith", it makes us extra thankful when God provides for us. Here's a brief summary:

1. We've been praying about a van. About 2 weeks ago we found out that our friends the Jeysmans were selling their van. We asked about it, but didn't expect the van to be in our price range. Commended workers don't exactly have thousands of dollars sitting around, but we kept in touch with them as they decided what new car they were going to get, and what they were selling their van for. It's a 2000 Dodge Caravan, serviced by the dealer since it was purchased brand new. Quite the ride. We prayed and waited to see what would happen.

2. Friday, April 15th we went to pick up our taxes and found out we were getting a certain amount of money back.

3. That same night we were at Jason & Joy's Jack'n'Jill in Brampton and our car dies. Transmission fluid everywhere. We limp it home by stopping on the 401 for fill ups of transmission fluid, when the car slips out of gear. Transmission problems = our car is toast.

4. Monday, April 18th, Jeysmans take the Caravan in to find out how much they could get for a trade in for their new car.

5. The ammount the dealership was offering them (half the retail blue book value) was exactly the same amount as we are getting back from our taxes!! They decide to sell it to us instead of trade it in, so ....

6. Today, picked up the van:

7. A wonderful young police officer was miraculously on hand to install our car seats into the van, licence plates and personally vacuuming out the whole thing. Wow, what a guy :)

More details soon!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Me of little faith....

It's really amazing to see how God does great things with us even when we are completely unwilling, stubborn and full of doubt. It shouldn't really be much of a surprise though, just look at the people God used in the Bible. Moses who doubted, Sarah who laughed, Jonah who ran. Tonight was a great example of that. God's faithfulness to work with us in spite of us.

Today is Friday so there was youth group tonight. Every Friday there is. I know that, I prepare for that, I promote that. All week long I'm thinking about it. This week however was a bit different. The gym at Bridlegrove was being used to pile the junk from a big clean up. 1/4 of the gym was taken up with old chairs, wood, broken tables and loads of other items. We knew this was the case so we had made arrangements for the kids to come to our house instead, play basketball outisde on our net, then watch a video in our living room. We weren't planning on using the gym tonight.

Then, around dinner time, it rained. It rained on the net out front of our house. It rained on our plans. What would we do? Since our car is leaking transmission fluid like Saline from an IV we suited up our double stroller with rain gear and headed to the chapel. Nobody was there. Did this mean that everyone decided to stay home because of the rain? Should we just put a sign on the door to tell everyone things were cancelled? Maybe if a few kids showed up we could play half-court in the gym for a few minutes. We decided that we would just tell the kids who show up that we don't anticipate anyone coming, say goobye and then walk home. Maybe no one will even show up. Our hope for a good night with the youth was dropping like the precipitation from the clouds. But God wasn't through with the night yet.

In the gym we were playing with our kids, waiting to see who would arrive. I had given up on the night. Nobody was there. It was raining. No other leaders were there. How could we possibly look after both our children, make snack, referee basketball and preach a message? All these thoughts went through my mind as I started to look for a paper and pen. I was about to write the words "No ball tonight" when the bell rang alerting me to the fact that someone was at the door. I froze. I figured I just wouldn't answer it. It was probably just one kid and he'd leave soon after he found out no one else was there. Forget it. Time to write that sign. Then it rang again.

I stalled. Ask Hayley. I hoped they'd go away. My faith was so small that I didn't even want to answer. They rang again and again. Hayley said "I can't just sit down here" and went and answered the door while I watched the kids. I felt like King Saul hiding in the bags.

It was Jordy, Omar and Rashad at the door. Omar has been out twice now, and I see him and Jordy when I'm at MAC highschool handing out tracts. They came in and I thought "ok, they'll just play half court untill 8 and then we'll all go home". God had other plans.

Next came Kevin, Jamoy, Jamari, Novella, Nabil, Frank and a few new guys. I was so unprepared (mainly from trying to watch our kids) that I didn't have the sign-in sheet and missed some of their names. I was unprepared for what God had prepared.

I thought I could handle the 10 or so kids that we had by this point. OK a little 4 on 4 with subs and we'll be outta here. I'll sit down and chat with them about the gospel, remind them about next Friday/Saturday and then jet home to tuck the kids in bed by 8:30. It's always a struggle to know what to do with our kids on youth group nights.

After that however, Josh and Quentin show up, then Alpha, Noah, Moses, Enoch, and about 4 or 5 other kids I have never seen before! This was getting out of control. Then Kyle, Kaylah. Catherine (a new girl who just moved onto our street) after that and others! God had brought out these kids in the rain. I thought I'd better get the video ready upstairs because God wants this night to happen.

Here's a video of the guys from a few weeks ago

I set up the TV while the guys played basketball. Jamoy was on the sidelines and said to me "Yo, that evidence bible you gave me is nice. I've been reading it and it's really good. What a rebuke. I had given Jamoy that Bible over a month ago, just before Easter. God is speaking to these kids and for some reason he chooses to use my little faith.

After ball, about 8:30, we stopped for snack and Hayley had some issues with trying to divide one cake up into 25 pieces (and keep Lukas and Sylas under control). She managed Ok and after everyone had something we headed upstairs for the "devotion" (where exactly did that word come from)?

When the kids were seated upstairs I mentioned next Saturdays clean-up and that they have a chance to get some community service hours. I wasn't sure how the video would go over considering the number of new kids who hadn't seen these videos before. It had been a few months since I showed one, but I put it on and then began the ministry of recon-shush-iation. The kids that we get are not the most well behaved kids on earth lets just say. The Hovind video was good. The kids were shushing each other. They laughed at his jokes. They all exclaimed "woah" when Hovind compared the brain of a bee to the most powerful computer in the world. It clearly demonstrated God's design and the need to repent and have our sins forgiven. It was video number 4, very good information for the kids.

After the video Kevin came up to me and said "yo shawn, can you make me a copy of that video". Wow. They are really getting it. God took my feeble little faith, just enought to go and see if anyone was going to show up, and turned it into a great night.

It was a good lesson for me. God can resurrect any situation. When things look bleak and hopeless then he can step in and show his power. Thank you Lord!

Lots new at the Lego Bible

Gideon and Midian - CLICK HERE

Just add a little more facial hair and Mark P is Jay McGraw (Dr. Phil's son) Posted by Hello


Check out this pic of Mark - WOW!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Keith's back

That fun loving, foul-mouthed master of online insults Keith Peffer has returned with avengance. This time he's on the discussion forum and taking no prisoners. Be there to watch live as Keith rips it up -->HERE

**Viewer discretion is advised** :) :)

Monday, April 18, 2005

Toronto health care...

Alot happened today. My grandpa is in the hospital so you can pray for him. I visited him with my dad. Met my Aunt Heather there. Had a good chat with them. Hayley took the car in to get checked, they told her it was going to be over 500. Lukas was complaining alot about his ear so we took him to the walk in clinic. Sylas also has a cold. I noticed a sign at the clinic that said "Only 2 questions per visit". Since we have 2 kids, that means 1 question each. The doctor looked at Lukas, told us he had a bad ear infection, then checked Sylas and said he didn't. Since our 2 questions were up the doctor promptly turned and walked out of the room to the next patient. What would I do if I had 3 kids?
I guess we'll have to come back tomorrow for our next 2 questions. Until then I'll just rest assured that Sylas is not up screaming because of an ear infection.

Feeding the 5000

The discussion forum hit the 5000 post mark today. Quite fascinating to see the Lord moving online. We've got participants who are athiests, agnostics, drug addicts, elders, full-time workers, youth group leaders and folks from other denominations posting from Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Australia and other countries, on a regular basis about their experiences with Christianity and "the assemblies". If you haven't tried it out yet - CLICK HERE - to get in on the comments, community and communion (that's right, we have "The Lord's supper online" :)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

HTML anyone?

Ok I have a question. On the left side you see the words "Discussion forum". They have been wonderfully tagged by my man, Paul Roides. Here is his "code":

< p>< div class="date">< b >< a href=""> DISCUSSION FORUM< br>
CLICK< br> HERE< /a>< /b>< /div>

Now I would like to modify this so it sticks out a little more.

1. What is < p>?
2. What is < div class>
3. Why does < div class-"date">
4. I know that < b> is for bold, but what other options do I have for colour?
5. Any other tips?

Please post replies on the HTML topic in the discussion forum

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Forum reader speaks...

Seems like this little experiment is exceeding all our expectations! A frequent forum reader (Mary) recently commented on how much she appreciates what she reads here:
"I always read the discussion forum! But, as the only computer I have is at work, I'm a little hesitant to start posting. As soon as I invest in an actual computer I'll definitely jump in on the conversations. I appreciate that everyone's really fair despite the differing opinions."
- Mary
Congratulations to all of you who participate and have made this site great!

Friday, April 08, 2005


Found this "guest" surfing the forum:
What is this? I tried, but it just takes me back to! Does Google like me or am I in trouble? What is the googlebot!?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Laura Bush is now brethren - click here

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but...

I have the cutest kid on earth Posted by Hello
Contenders ? Please submit pictures here

Logging in

24April05-Sun - BofB, FBH,
23April05-Sat -
22April05-Fri - LAM christian fellowship, youth (25 kids, 5 new)
21April05-Thurs Read to daycare, 100 tracts @ MAC,
20April05-Wed - Prayer
19April05-Tues- Lukas doctor appointment, date with HP
18April05-Mon - Visit Grandpa, meet with dad, aunt, car in, doctor walk-in clinic
17April05-Sun - BofB, FBH,
16April05-Sat - car dead, phone, sermon prep
15April05-Fri - Taxes with Laurie, Everson, Jason & Joy shower (Jack & Jill)
14April05-Thur- [2 preach] Read to daycare, speak at Awana
13April05-Wed - prayer, sermon prep, mail, office, prayer meeting
12April05-Tues- Admin, catch-up, plan, correspondence, dinner with HP
11April05-Mon - Dad's birthday
10April05-Sun - BofB, FBH, Lunch with Anila family, MIC meeting
09April05-Sat - Taxes, Ron Hurlburt farewell
08April05-Fri - [2 stay over] Missionfest, youth group [15 kids, 5 new]
07April05-Thurs-[2 preach]Read to Daycare kids, speak to Awana kids, Matt & Ruth arrive!
06April05-Wed - Prayer
05April05-Tues- All day meeting
04April05-Mon - correspondence,
03April05-Sun- [1 event](set clocks ahead) 8AM at chapel to prepare and open up for KLBC, 8:30AM KLBC arrives, 9:30 BofB, 11AM KLBC choir, 12 KLBC/youth lunch, 1-3 basketball with KLBC/youth. 6:30 evening service
02April05-Sat - [2 stay over]snow/rain, hayley's parents stay, gideons banquet
01April05-Fri - [1 preach] Lukas sick, to doctor, home from daycare. Youth with greenwood (32 ppl - 2 new)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Prescott's Brethren Manifesto!

Our brother in Christ, Andrew Prescott posted his "brethren manifesto" yesterday on the forum:
Okay... I sat down on my laptop and started something. Please reply with comment, rewording, addition, deletion, etc. Perhaps this is junk, needs a lot of work...

Outline for a Brethren Manifesto 1st Draft - April 2005

* Purpose

We have traditionally had two movements, the Open, consisting of the Chapels, and the Closed. What we need is our own reformation; a re-birth, a renewal, an awakening, or as someone has said, a Third Way. Not an emotionally driven alteration as many liberals would advocate, nor an unemotional rejection of change for the misdirected sake of maintaining the status-quo as many conservatives would support... but a true and sincere changing of the hearts of all. What we need is a true and earnest desire to seek the face of God, to conform to the image of His Son, and to do one of two things; for those who lean toward conservatism, who view change as bad, to implement a heart transplant from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh; or for those who advocate more liberal views, to tame the wild ambitions of the flesh and to seek a whole-hearted submission to Him and His Word, no matter what that might cost. Only by so doing with the brethren movement, which we feel was initiated by the Holy Spirit so many years ago in an effort to preserve the Church, survive....
Not sure I agree with everything he says, but it's worth a read and it's good for future leaders to think through some of these things. I think Andrew is addressing the "open" assemblies (Chapels & Halls) only and not talking about the "exclusives".

Saturday, April 02, 2005

KLBC @ Bridlegrove

Alright everyone don't forget to put your clocks ahead one hour tonight.
Tomorrow the KLBC (Kawartha Lakes Bible College) choir is at Bridlegrove for the morning service!

How to cook a heretic...

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Thanks to my aunt sandra for the picture. She says I look like the guy on the right?

April foolish

Yesterday's April fools joke went over better than I expected. I think I got most of you through the course of the day. Some remarked "I really believed you", or "OH MAN". Many thought it was humourous, however as the Pope's condition worsened some turned sour and rebuked me for my sick sense of humour. My apologies to all who were upset. I thought what I'd do today is a quick google serach of the news to see what people are saying as they reflect on the legacy of this Pope:

Paul Martin: MacLeans
Prime Minister Paul Martin, who was touring Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C., and is Catholic, said prayers are needed for the pope."For over a quarter of a century, the Pope has prayed for all of us and the time has come for us to pray for him," Martin said. "Whether you're a Catholic or whether you're of any faith, what the Pope really stood for was a bringing of all faiths and all people together."

The Archbishop of Goa, Reverend Filipe Neri Ferrao, today issued an appeal to communities of all faiths to pray for ailing Pope John Paul-II

people joined together to remember the pope as a man who moved the Catholic church forward and made a distinct effort to reach across denominations to embrace people of all faiths.