Monday, April 25, 2005

God provides

Just had to publicly thank God here on the athensblog for providing again for us. I can't tell you the full details right now (ask later) and it might not be a big deal to some, but since we "live on faith", it makes us extra thankful when God provides for us. Here's a brief summary:

1. We've been praying about a van. About 2 weeks ago we found out that our friends the Jeysmans were selling their van. We asked about it, but didn't expect the van to be in our price range. Commended workers don't exactly have thousands of dollars sitting around, but we kept in touch with them as they decided what new car they were going to get, and what they were selling their van for. It's a 2000 Dodge Caravan, serviced by the dealer since it was purchased brand new. Quite the ride. We prayed and waited to see what would happen.

2. Friday, April 15th we went to pick up our taxes and found out we were getting a certain amount of money back.

3. That same night we were at Jason & Joy's Jack'n'Jill in Brampton and our car dies. Transmission fluid everywhere. We limp it home by stopping on the 401 for fill ups of transmission fluid, when the car slips out of gear. Transmission problems = our car is toast.

4. Monday, April 18th, Jeysmans take the Caravan in to find out how much they could get for a trade in for their new car.

5. The ammount the dealership was offering them (half the retail blue book value) was exactly the same amount as we are getting back from our taxes!! They decide to sell it to us instead of trade it in, so ....

6. Today, picked up the van:

7. A wonderful young police officer was miraculously on hand to install our car seats into the van, licence plates and personally vacuuming out the whole thing. Wow, what a guy :)

More details soon!!!

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Cinderella said...

this is exactly what Luke and I have been experienceing since we moved to Quebec, Favor like crazy on our lives! now we are back for the summer in Ontario and more is happening! (God gave)lUke's boss gave him a company car this week with gas card and a huuge raise and and we needed it b/c we have 12,000 in tuition to pay in sept and also needed a 2nd car b/c it would be too hard for me to get to work and then God gives me this job and it's closer more regualr hours, I get to see my husband!pays more and it's working for the ministry! I can get filled up all day and just rest in his presence. Keep on calling it in! Young, newly married couples we need all the help we can get! ahahah

God I ask that you bring Shawn and Haley more favor Lord! Bless them in their ministry and bring forth their gifts and annoint their steps father.Annoint their lives, their finances, their jobs and God we ask for more favor. Blessing to them like crazy! Bless their marriage their live together and family and babies to come.(or that already exists)thank you for all that you do Lord and intensify their love and paaion for you and each other, guide them in each step and give them favor in your eyes. Amen!