Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Logging in

24April05-Sun - BofB, FBH,
23April05-Sat -
22April05-Fri - LAM christian fellowship, youth (25 kids, 5 new)
21April05-Thurs Read to daycare, 100 tracts @ MAC,
20April05-Wed - Prayer
19April05-Tues- Lukas doctor appointment, date with HP
18April05-Mon - Visit Grandpa, meet with dad, aunt, car in, doctor walk-in clinic
17April05-Sun - BofB, FBH,
16April05-Sat - car dead, phone, sermon prep
15April05-Fri - Taxes with Laurie, Everson, Jason & Joy shower (Jack & Jill)
14April05-Thur- [2 preach] Read to daycare, speak at Awana
13April05-Wed - prayer, sermon prep, mail, office, prayer meeting
12April05-Tues- Admin, catch-up, plan, correspondence, dinner with HP
11April05-Mon - Dad's birthday
10April05-Sun - BofB, FBH, Lunch with Anila family, MIC meeting
09April05-Sat - Taxes, Ron Hurlburt farewell
08April05-Fri - [2 stay over] Missionfest, youth group [15 kids, 5 new]
07April05-Thurs-[2 preach]Read to Daycare kids, speak to Awana kids, Matt & Ruth arrive!
06April05-Wed - Prayer
05April05-Tues- All day meeting
04April05-Mon - correspondence,
03April05-Sun- [1 event](set clocks ahead) 8AM at chapel to prepare and open up for KLBC, 8:30AM KLBC arrives, 9:30 BofB, 11AM KLBC choir, 12 KLBC/youth lunch, 1-3 basketball with KLBC/youth. 6:30 evening service
02April05-Sat - [2 stay over]snow/rain, hayley's parents stay, gideons banquet
01April05-Fri - [1 preach] Lukas sick, to doctor, home from daycare. Youth with greenwood (32 ppl - 2 new)

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