Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sayings of Sylas v14 - Royale

The other day Hayley was grocery shopping with Sylas. As they came home, Sylas was helping carry groceries up the elevator when he noticed the soft, fuzzy kittens on the cover of the Royale bathroom tissue. Fixing his gaze on them he said:

Sylas: "Mommy how could you!!"
Hayley: "What do you mean, Sylas"
Sylas: "They had to kill kittens to make that toilet paper!"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Facebook hacked!!??

My sincere apologies to anyone who got a spam message from me on facebook. I was not online or even at home at the time and am investigating.

Here's a video that explains more about how people can hack into your facebook account. be careful everyone:

**UPDATE** As was predicted by many of you my facebook account is now disabled. Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips to getting it back? I've sent them a number of messages asking for clarification on how my account sent messages to all my friends while I was not logged in.

**UPDATE2** Account is now back up and running

Video of the week - Baptism diving!

This is the way to get baptised!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday prayer requests - Cookie coming for the summer!!

You may remember Cookie (video below) from our Bridlegrove days. Well this summer Cookie is coming to live and work with us! We are thrilled to be able to continue the mentoring process as Cookie finishes up high school.

Cookie will be a summer intern, which will be a summer job for him, and we hope to pay him something as he works with me. Please consider sending financial support (to Leaside Bible Chapel) so that we will have the funds to pay him something. Most importantly remember him in prayer as he prepares for his future, that God would continue to mold him into a fine young man!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thoughts on Lord's Prayer in Government

A government committee in Ontario "has been convened to review the traditional practice of reciting prayers at the opening of each business day".

What do you think of this practice? Do you support repetitious prayers said by some who may not believe them? Does God accept these prayers? Should the government continue this practice in order to continue some sort of covering that God places on us for doing this?

Well, the good news is that they are asking for your inupt on the matter! If you're a resident of Ontario click on the link below (then scroll down and click "Consultation on prayer in the Legislative Assembly"):

Welcome to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Video of the week - Olivia

Yes thank you, my daughter is the cutest thing on earth:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Towers of power

A friend sent me this picture he took of some of the apartment buildings in our neighbourhood

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I heart Fonebook

Yesterday I synced all my Facebook contacts with Outlook using an amazing little program called Fonebook - here. The best part of this is birthdays. Each and every facebook friends birthday is now in my Outlook calendar, which also syncs to my Treo!! Give it a try - here

Monday, April 07, 2008

"I’ve found God" says man who cracked the genome - UK Times

This article is pretty amazing - click here:
The Sunday Times
June 11, 2006
Steven Swinford

The scientist who led the team that cracked the human genome is to publish a book explaining why he now believes in the existence of God and is convinced that miracles are real.

Francis Collins, the director of the US National Human Genome Research Institute, claims there is a rational basis for a creator and that scientific discoveries bring man “closer to God”...

“When you have for the first time in front of you this 3.1 billion-letter instruction book that conveys all kinds of information and all kinds of mystery about humankind, you can’t survey that going through page after page without a sense of awe. I can’t help but look at those pages and have a vague sense that this is giving me a glimpse of God’s mind."

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The buffalos win

So depressing being a leafs fan. I waited all year to take Lukas & Sylas to their first Leaf game - here - and when I do they lose a heartbreaker in a shoot-out. How does it feel Leafs that you make little boys cry???

Friday, April 04, 2008

Best April fools reaction ever!!

I got this message on facebook from one of my friends. This has to be the best reaction ever:
haha o man... So I saw on the newsfeed that Shawn cuthill is now listed as single... I was like, NO no WAY, I dont believe it, so I went to your page and for the past few days your status said it was a bad day and then on monday it said you didnt want to talk about it. A million things ran through my mind and So I just had to pray... I was seriously thinking, wow if this can happen to them, I dont ever want to get married...I couldnt get it off my mind so to be alone i left the house before I even ate anything and took my prayer journal to go and pray for you guys, I walked awhile to Tim Hortons and just prayed...

then i skipped on over to wal-mart, this is where it gets crazy, I remember leavning to check out and all the sudden I wake up with 20 ppl around me as I'm being put in an ambulance...I dont know what happened but they tell me I collapsed on some lady and then I couldnt stop shaking because I had no strength. After bein a tiny bit nervous and then getting some tests done, the doctor told me I should never go on that long of a walk without eating. I can't remember if I ate supper the night before but its just funny because I was really worried about you guys and thats the whole reason i skipped my meal and went out... then i end up collapsing in wal-mart, very embarassing ;) and going to the hospital... later to find out it was a JOKE!!! haha
So in closing, remember to mark your calendar so if strange things happen on April 1st you'll know why :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

South Asians rule!! Literally

As the Toronto Star reported recently "Today's Thorncliffe is tomorrow's Canada". Need further proof? Today's CTV news report -here- provides more data from the 2006 census::
Canada's ethnic makeup is changing dramatically, with the latest census numbers showing that for the first time, South Asians have edged out Chinese as the top visible minority group in the country.

The census data from Statistics Canada, released Wednesday morning, shows surging immigration from Asia has fuelled a phenomenon that has visible minorities for the first time comprising more than five million people, or 16 per cent of the population.

That marks an increase of 27 per cent in the immigration of visible minorities between 2001 and 2006.

Since 2001, three-quarters of Canada's new immigrants have been visible minorities, and the total now sits at 5,068,100, the census shows.

According to the census, 96 per cent of the visible minority population live in a metropolitan area. That's in sharp contrast to the 68 per cent of the total population that live in major cities.

Video of the week - April fools jokes

For April fools *each *year I rack my brains to think of the best possible prank to play. This past year I noticed that many people (cough*Jerry*cough*Steph*cough) use the facebook relationship status to shock & awe & quickly inform their friends of their new mate. So this year Hayley and I conspired to fake a 'facebook break up' using this very same relationship status apparatus. I'd say it went pretty well this year, I fooled people in at least 4 countries and had many many concerned messages (thank you by the way it's nice to know we're loved). However the severity of the prank caught some off gaurd, since I guess they forgot that we have freakin tattoos on our fingers so a break up of any kind is the farthest thing from ever happening. Next year perhaps I'll take some tips from these guys and plan something a little more low key: