Friday, April 04, 2008

Best April fools reaction ever!!

I got this message on facebook from one of my friends. This has to be the best reaction ever:
haha o man... So I saw on the newsfeed that Shawn cuthill is now listed as single... I was like, NO no WAY, I dont believe it, so I went to your page and for the past few days your status said it was a bad day and then on monday it said you didnt want to talk about it. A million things ran through my mind and So I just had to pray... I was seriously thinking, wow if this can happen to them, I dont ever want to get married...I couldnt get it off my mind so to be alone i left the house before I even ate anything and took my prayer journal to go and pray for you guys, I walked awhile to Tim Hortons and just prayed...

then i skipped on over to wal-mart, this is where it gets crazy, I remember leavning to check out and all the sudden I wake up with 20 ppl around me as I'm being put in an ambulance...I dont know what happened but they tell me I collapsed on some lady and then I couldnt stop shaking because I had no strength. After bein a tiny bit nervous and then getting some tests done, the doctor told me I should never go on that long of a walk without eating. I can't remember if I ate supper the night before but its just funny because I was really worried about you guys and thats the whole reason i skipped my meal and went out... then i end up collapsing in wal-mart, very embarassing ;) and going to the hospital... later to find out it was a JOKE!!! haha
So in closing, remember to mark your calendar so if strange things happen on April 1st you'll know why :)

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