Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cuthill rant series

November is turning out to be one of our busier months so I'm going to recycle a few posts that I put up on thecuthills.com website.

Today's topic: Dating is a non-biblical concept:

Had an interesting MSN converstion with a friend (who will remain anonymous) that just broke up after a long-term relationship.
It was typical christian-dating talk. "They were the first person I loved", "I really loved person x", and my favorite "why would God lead us to love if it wasn't meant to be"

People - read my lips - God does not lead anyone to anyone. Period.
We get to choose, and sometimes we make bad choices. Unless of course we end up in an arranged marriage...in which case, we choose to love the person.

LOVE IS A CHOICE. Get it through your adolescent, OC watchin heads. Love is a choice. Bottom line.

Therefore, before we go choosing to love someone, and allowing our emotions to get involved we better be pretty sure the person we are "in love" with is the person we are going to marry....or else it's gonna hurt....ALOT (And btw, don't blame God when things go wrong.)

Just my 2 cents - I have done the christian-dating scene myself - but am happy to report I escaped with a wonderful wife who I have been married to for almost 4 years now.

Chose wisely.

21Nov04-Log-Sun:9AM-1PM: BofB, FBH, 6:30-8 China video
20Nov04-Log-Sat: 9AM: Evangelism training at chapel till 12:30. 1-3: door to door. 3-5: veronica, clayon, alpha over. 6-11: Leaside C&C
19Nov04-Log-Fri: 11:30-1:Preach @ LAM christian fellowship, 1-3:maps for evangelism saturday,photocopies. 3-4:30: tracts @ MAC - good chats with Keith, afghan guys. 4-5 daycare "chapel" session. 5-6:30 veronica over. 7-10: youth (17 total, 2 new), drive veronica home - 11:30 home
18Nov04-Log-Thurs:10AM read to daycare kids, 11-2:plan for saturday, maps, photocopies, materials, emails. 2-4 tracts @ LAM highschool. 4-5:30 office. 7:30-10:30PM Shawn@MIC, Hayley Bible study with Maggie & Derek, Jason & Eder
17Nov04-Log-Wed:9:30AM - snow fence, clear drain with Daniel. 11-4 meet with elders (Nev,Daniel). 4-6 office organize, plan for saturday. 8-10 prayer meeting

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