Wednesday, November 10, 2004


*Update - new link to "The Lego Bible" - This link was inspired by Jen Dallaire! :) Click and enjoy! .

I'm pretty much toast till at least Monday. I have to preach 4 times on Saturday - missionary breakfast and Rossland Ridge Rally - so I'll be out of commission, fine tuning for those. Also have regular bible study tomorrow night with Maggie & Derek, and a new girl from China named Linda. Then Friday I have to set up for the missionary breakfast and there's regular youth group.

So in the meantime I thought I'd pose a question for everyone to discuss:

Is George Bush a "man of God" as Patti says - click here - "He is a man of God and I am proud to have him as my president." ? Or is he a "man of war"? Can one be both? Wouldn't a man of God "turn the other cheek"?

click here for Bush's agenda
(ps. this is a spoof, but a darn good one)

Be back soon :)

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