Tuesday, November 30, 2004

God's will

After a fruitful discussion about dating - click here - , the topic has moved to the realm of God's will. If, as I said, "Love is a choice", then what does that say for the bigger subject of our choice, and God's will. Do we choose our own path, or does each of us need to find "God's will for my life".

There are 2 sides to this debate. The "Personal" view, and the "Universal" view.

The "Personal" folks say that God's will is this mystical thing that you are always trying to find out. God's will is something for the individual and therefore each person must decern what is "God's will for my life". People in this camp are constantly waiting for some direct personal revelation. They are always waiting for God to "speak to them" in some magical way.

The Universal view is that God's will is revealed in the Bible and all we have to do is follow it. God's will is revealed to everyone in the form of commands for everyone to follow. My conclusion is that God does not reveal to each and every person what he wants for them, but leaves us with "over-arching" commands/principles or boundaries and then within those we are free to do as we wish. (As you probably guessed I'm in the Universal camp.)

What camp are you in and why? Have you thought much about why you believe the way you do?

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