Wednesday, December 01, 2004

November report

I don't want to disrupt the great discussion below on God's will, but seeing as it's December 1st I just wanted to post our stats for last month:

-8 big events attended (evangelism seminars, missionary breakfast, rossland youth rally, bridlegrove/greenwood joint youth event, etc)
-20 contacts via door to door
-3 solid contacts with info & followed up on
-preached 9 times (2 @ LAM highschool christian fellowship, prayer breakfast, 3x
@ rossland youth rally, 3@youth)
- 2 daycare "chapels"
- 2 invites out for food
- 3 lunches out (clayon, sabah, jordan)
- 550 tracts out in front of highschools
- 5 home bible studies
- 10 new youth (76 total youth on fridays)
- 32 people over to eat

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