Thursday, December 02, 2004

Loggin in

Mon - Kitchener
Tues - Kitchener/Home/Hayley sick all day.
01Dec04-Wed - Shawn sick, Hayley printing calendars, Kelly over after school
02Dec04-Thurs-Log: 10AM Shawn reads Bible stories to kids, 12PM lunch with Bill Yuille, 2-5 meeting, planning, paperwork, contacts, email. 6-7 Awana. 7-8: put Awana flyers in mailboxes with Clayon, Kevin, Jamoy. 8-10:30: home study with Maggie & Derek, Matthan, Jason.
03Dec04-Fri-Log: 10:30AM daycare "chapel", 3-4 tracts@MAC, 7-11 Daycare Christmas party
04Dec04-Sat-Log: 9:30-12:30 ESL. 2-5 calls, email, calendars. 6-11:30 Leaside C&C with Clayon & Kevin.
05Dec04-Sun-Log: 9:30-1PM BofB, FBH. 2-5 Hayley at wedding shower. 5-10 pick up Ryan at airport drive to Kitchener

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