Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Looks like my homeboy Scott Grieve is in Canada a bit longer! He was supposed to head to Brazil for a month, when the Lord had other plans. Here's what happened:

Session Start (MSN - Shawn:Scott): Mon Dec 06 14:58:48 2004
Scott: c-hill
Shawn: you out?
Scott: i was supposed to leave last night
Shawn: too much snow?
Scott: my travel agent didn't mention that i needed a visa
Shawn: oh dear
Scott: yeah
Scott: its been a rough 12 hours
Shawn: on the phone - new flight?
Scott: but it seems to be worked out. i leave next sunday and will now be staying for 38 days instead of 27
Shawn: sweetness - and you get to see the snow before you leave
Scott: now that its worked out, it makes it cool
Shawn: so what are the new dates?
Scott: as it stands now, i leave on the 12th and return on the 20th or 21st
Scott: of january that is
*** scottgrieve@hotmail.com signed off at Mon Dec 06 15:13:32 2004
Session Close (Scott): Mon Dec 06 15:13:35 2004

So it looks like the tag-team of Cuthill and Grieve will again stand out in freezing cold weather to hand out tracts and talk to teenagers in front of MAC, Timothy Eaton and LAM highschools. Thank you Lord for delaying his flight!

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