Friday, December 10, 2004

Loggin in

08Dec04-Wed-Log: 9:30AM-1PM=prayer with elders, Nev/Max. 1-2:30=paperwork,emails, calls. 3-4:30PM= 50 tracts @ TimE & LAM (w Scott Grieve). 5-7=phone,dinner. 7:45-10=Prayer meeting, chat with Wilfred/David
09Dec04-Thurs-Log: 10AM=read to daycare kids. 11-2:30=prep for weekend, esl preach, sri lankan preach. 3-4:30PM- 50 tracts @ MAC. 6-7 Awana. 7:30-11 study with M & D (Kyle over).
10Dec04-Fri-Log: 9:30AM - set up for "chapel", 10:30-12 "chapel". 12-4 putting chairs away in gym, emails, calls, paperwork. 5-10 setting up & youth group with Greenwood
11Dec04-Sat-Log: 9AM preach at ESL, Pakistani couple over, Preach at Sri Lankan group, Bridlegrove Christmas banquet
12Dec04-Sun-Log:church, mormons, shawn's parents

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