Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 Year in Review

Well folks, it's that time of year again where we look back and reflect on the year gone by. For us here at the athensblog it has been quite a year. For me personally it has been quite a year. Here is a brief summary of what went on:

- 56 people stayed overnight at our house this year
- 420 people came over to the house to eat (23 times we were invited out for meals)
We attended 36 major events (everything from Raptors basketball games to youth retreats)
- Shawn preached 74 times (not counting every Thursday reading to daycare kids)
- We made 295 contacts going door to door
- 26 home bible studies with groups of unbelievers & new believers
- 4,480 tracts were handed out. Mainly to kids at the three local highschools (MAC, TimE, LAM)
- 21 kids/Friday average for youth group
- We saw 41 new teenagers come through the doors to play basketball at youth group this year
- 2 young people were baptized
- We took youth on 2 trips – 1 to PEI, 1 to Athens
- We flew 8 times this year to 4 countries and 4 provinces

All while enjoying married life, trying to raise 2 boys and maintaining relationships and contacts we have made in the past. Truly it is God who works in us “both to will and to do” – Eph 2:10

*other highlights from 2004

- Olympic missions trip
- ChesterLe Sunday School
- “E-Benji-lism” – evangelism seminar with Benji from SIM
- KLBC students visiting us a number of times to help in evangelism.
- Camp in PEI
- Derek & Maggie
- countless basketball games in front of our house, or at the chapel on fridays
- Bridlegrove Day Camp (Aaron Lewis)

Do you have any other events for the list? Of those events, what was your favorite memory of 2004?

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