Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New OG site

I was googling around and found another site about the "Operation Gideon" Olympic outreach this summer, this time from a lady named "Suzanna". It seems Suzanna was on the Cumberland Church Atlanta team. Here is the link:

Some excerps:

This was a mission trip arranged by Hellenic Ministries and it is called Operation Gideon Hellenic Ministries (HM) is a Christian agency which serves as a sponsoring and support organization for people called to serve Jesus Christ throughout Greece, the Balkans and the Mediterranean world.

This is a trip like no other trip that I have ever been on. My participation on this trip was inspired by many things, including my experience with the Greek Orthodox church back in 1997 and Jonathan Macris (head of HM) coming to Cumberland Community Church (CCC) in February, 2003. On this trip I felt many things, including joy, “enlightenment”, God, discomfort, hurt, and accomplishment. It is the work of Lord and the tribulations that accompany it. This is personal account of my experiences, feelings, and some the prayers during the trip. I dedicate this to all of you who supported me, prayed for me, and to those who also enjoyed this once-in-lifetime experience.
Suzanna has quite a detailed daily log. It's a good read so click, read and enjoy the athensblog memories of the outreach.

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