Saturday, November 13, 2004

Logging in

Just back recovering from the weekend. More soon.

14Nov04-Log-Sun: 9-1PM: chapel, 1-4 Edward & anna for lunch 6-9 chapel for Zambia presentation

13Nov04-Log-Sat: 7AM-12:30PM=prayer breakfast @ Don Valley - organizing with MIC & giving report on Greece, 1PM pick up Veronica go to Rossland Ridge Rally, 1:30-10PM=Preach 3 times at Rossland - 11:00 home

12noon=at chapel(argentina planning, youth group stuff, prep for weekend seminars), 3PM=100 tracts @ MAC, 4PM "chapel" for daycare puppet show, 5PM set up for missionary breakfast at Don Valley, 7PM back at Bridlegrove for youth - 18 kids, 2 new. 9:30 help Mary Martin. 11PM home

10AM read to daycare kids, prep for saturday, print out handouts, changed offices. 2:30-4PM-100 tracts@LAM. 5PM dinner with Josh. 6PM Awana flyers. 7:30PM Bible Study with Maggie/Derek, Josh, Steve, Clayon, Novella. 10:30PM everyone leaves

10Nov04-Log-Wed: 10AM pray with elders (des), library planning, powerpoint for greece presentation

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