Thursday, August 26, 2004

we're Athens

Well first...THANK all our friends and family back home, whom have been praying for us!!! Your prayers were very much appreciated!!!
We have just returned from up north in Aghios Anna and Pefki and many small towns in between!
We stayed (camping style) with a wonderful family up in Aghios Anna. Christina and her husband and family fed us all like royalty and stayed up each night, anxiously awaiting our return from each day of evangelism. We shared stories of conversations and people to pray for!
Divine appointments abounded!! Paul took on a Professor of Theology, I spoke to an Agnostic from France (yeah French town) and scared the begeebees outta him ;-) Channa and Danielle (I believe that was the partnership) had a wonderful encounter too..and I will let them tell you about that...don't wanna steal anyone's thunder..I am just proud of em all!!!!
We went into this one town where I swore was 100% tourists and I thought for sure people would blow us off...BUT the Lord is GOOD...people came up to us and asked for bags of literature!!
The stories were amazing!! We met the "Prophet Elias" hmmmmm interesting..crazy yes, but interesting! I tangled with some thorny vines..they won!
We went to the hot springs in Adipsos and I EVEN SWAM IN THE OCEAN!
Shawn and Hayley did an awesome job of being our fearless/prayerful leaders! And Linda did a great job at driving and keeping all safe :-)
There are soo many people that we talked to and that need prayers! The Greek people are incredibly hospitable and the land is beautiful. Please pray for Max (the Agnostic from France) and Thimios (the man from the internet cafe in Halkida...I did have a talk with him and I know THAT was a divine appointment..PLEASE pray for him as the seeds were sown into his heart!)
I miss my family and friends...thank you soooooo much for all your love and support! And to let you know..I am not having a birthday this year...maybe next year ;-)
LOVE, Melanie

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