Friday, August 13, 2004

I love my family!!!

Firstly, HELLO TO THE BERGHOFFERS!! So nice to hear from you and to hear your support!
Thank you to mom, Dad, Adam and is very nice to read posts from you. I love you Spud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LAst night was awesome! We all went out to do some outreach. The best time to preach and talk to people is at night, so we hit the platia :-) (Like a city square out in the open??)
well my partner Veronica (who has been a wonderful encouragement to me, and very filled with the love of the Lord) and I were sitting down..and I had been saying that I didn't come all this way to sit on my butt and say nothing to people..letting Veronica do all the with much fear and trembling I went up to a guy who was with his skateboarding buddies (guys of all ages) and struck up a conversation. It went so well that I lost all track of time!
My group almost missed the bus..but we ALL managed to catch AND fit into the last bus!! I had been asked..."Prove that God exists, here, today!" Man I tell you, the fact that ALL of us fit into a JAMMED bus and actually caught it (the last one of the night) THAT IS PROOF!!!
The team experienced many encounters and are just getting our feet wet!
Tonight is the prayer rally and we need all the prayers we can for both the Olympians and everyone here dedicated to the sewing of the Lord's love!
Stay tuned for pictures from Shawn!!
God bless!
Love, Melanie

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