Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Athens Calling

We just hit Athens on the big scavenger hunt, although, us being the Canadian rebels that we are, decided to tour the city instead. Part of the game was to hand out 5 literature packets which we excelled at doing. It was interesting seeing people on the other side of the city with the HM bags knowing that they'd been reached. And im very glad to say that my Greek is coming back rapidly! I can honestly get around, have conversations, everything, although I am used to being called " the boy with the foreigners." I feel like an asset, and thats a good feeling. The HM homebase is awesome, so much to do and the people are awesome. We met alot of other Canadians. Its really cool.

Our Operation Gideon IDS are identical in nature to the Olympic V.I.P passes so we look like royaly in the streets. I bet thatwas Jonathan's idea. We have the same lanyard and everything! What a great idea.

My sister has always told me that i'd fall in love with Greece when I went back. And boy was she right. Man do i ever love the culture. Hayley and Shawn get people to hold their baby everywhere. Silas slept with some Greeks on the ferry! it's awesome. Anyways the catering is here so i must eat.


(sorry no pictures) I'm on my brother-in-laws laptop not shawns)
Paul Roides

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