Wednesday, August 11, 2004

First Impressions of Greece!

Well today was our first day in Athens and it was amazing!!! We started off the day with a nice trip on the bus and metro. The people are very friendly here and are willing toi help you if yoiu're lost. Fortunatley no one thta ewe know of we got lost. Thje city pumped it up alot to impress the tourist, lots of 'Official Olympic Stores' and bargimners. Danielle, Lionda , And Channa met a very impreessve Boxing team from Cananda that are participatong in the Olympic. Veronica and Mel met a very "nice" person who randomly wanted to take uis on a tour of the city. " I take you on tour of city. We go togeter okie?" Don't worry Mel's Mom we ddin't go with some strange man on a tour. Thjey certainly are wanting your money, over here peole tsalking you into their store, and trying to trick you into buying things taht are like ten times more expensive then in canada. We also had to hand out tracks. Linda was sitting in a cafe and some guy that was sititng near her started chatting about the olympics and he was from New brunswik. Out of the blue he says to linda, ' do you have any books for me to read, I never read books that i buy, only books that people give me. Lindsa was surprised and gave him a bible that we were handing." He said that when poele give him books it means that it that iots his oint in life to read it. Amazing eh? Well God bless in Canada, and please prayu for more miricles like this to happen.

Love you all!! veronica and Danielle

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