Sunday, August 01, 2004


SO, up to this point it hasn't really hit me yet...then I read..ONLY 3 MORE DAYS til we leave...woah...maybe a little nervous now.
It's normal to have panic attacks and feel like you are going to pass out eh? Thought so!!
Just thinkin about the different cultures and languages and..ok there is that tight panic feeling again!
And yes, I even feel very inadequate for this voyage..I feel as though I have no talent to bring to the table and as if the WRONG person got selected for this team.
Then it occurs to me..less of ME and MORE of HIM! When we get humbled, that is when God best uses us..taken out of a comfort zone and put into HIS capable hands!
Everything happens for a reason..and things have worked out SO well thus far, there is nothing left to do but TRUST and be OPEN to His will and leading!! God would not put you in a place outside of His grace and protection..this plays in my head again and again. I am truly thankful to have a Creator that cares about little ole me :-)

Side story: On a return missions trip, the travel had me SO exhausted, that I slept through the entire emptying of a 747!! I talk in my sleep, so I can only imagine what I shared with my fellow passengers. If it wasn't for the kindness of the stewardess telling me, "You HAVE to get off now Ms."...I believe I would still be sleeping there now ;-)And just when you think...maybe no one noticed..I was approached by a passenger saying "I was going to wake you..but you were sleeping SO soundly!" :-)

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