Saturday, August 14, 2004

How Bizzare

First and foremost, check out the Photo Blog for a killer update.

Today was the usual except there was a Delerious concert in the platia of Omonia. Imagine, a British band rocking out in downtown Athens. How bizzare. The Greeks were dancing to the beats and the Christians were doing the obligatory "raise hand to the heavens and close eyes."

Along with momentous occasion, we met the Pakistani AND Indian Olympic squads. The Pakistani squad gratefully accepted our literature while the Indian squad danced the platia in drunken patriatism.

We then hit the "Prayer House of Athens" which has a wicked view of the Acropolis.

What's even funnier ( for Mom and Dad ) is that I ran into Argyris ( who was the pastor of our church for years )I saw him and I asked if his name was Argyris and he gave me a hug! Awesomeness. Crazy that you can meet someone just out of nowhere. 3 cheers for Jesus. In conclusion, keep praying.

Paul Roides

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