Sunday, August 22, 2004

The latest muahahaha

Well I should first say, HELLO MYRA AND ROGER!!! Mom, I did not nor cannot find their comment could you forward it to me??
It is the last night in Halkida.
Interesting point to note for this evening...
Veronica and myself went out to evangelize. There were simple rules to follow and we managed to break them all...NOT intentionally!
1) Girls stick to preaching to females
We ran into a few men who happened to come from Egypt and Albania...well Veronica speaks a bit of Arabic and I happen to understand some French and Itlaian. The Lord provided us with eager listeners who just happened to be Arabic/English and French!
It was an amazing time..and I even encouraged the French speaking man to get in contact with Hellenic ministries and request French material! He understood the concept of salvation and says it is something that he wants :-)

2) Don't go down dark alley ways
Veronica felt led down an alley and we ran into a small group of men and they were sitting outside a cafe...the owner gave us Coca Cola and we had a discussion with them. They also just happened to speak..Arabic/Italian and French! They were interested and said they knew of others who would appreciate literature. We were able to distribute about seven packages to them alone..they read through the literature and were very pleased!

It was a very eventful evening and it was as much uplifting to us as it was to those we witnessed to...we had our prayers answered..AND the Lord took care of the language barriers! Hooray for living in a French community ;-)

Tonight also held much team bonding and we each built eachother up and I believe that did help us as we each went into the evening!

Love you all and miss you all loads! Thank you so much for all the responses..I can't stress enough how much I am thankful for each of you :-)
By the way..each time we come to the internet cafe there is a particular worker here who I have been talking to..I just gave him a literature packet and he very happily accepted it! Here is praying to the Lord encouraging his heart to read the literature and accept it's truths!

Love, Melanie

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