Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Arrival in Evia

We're here settled in our island of Evia, although it doesn't feel much like an Island. It's more of a large body of land connected to the mainland by San Francisco-like bridges. Pretty cool. Our "hostel" which is more like a ghetto hotel, is actually pretty nice; much better than a campground. We're surrounded by an awesome bakery and an internet cafe. What more could we ask for?

Today is our day of fasting, although we ate breakfast and are planning on eating dinner. I know what you skeptics are thinking, " That's not much of a fast. They are infidels!"...but we spent nearly 4 hours in study of God's word and in prayer on the steps of Evia's largest Orthodox church which overlooks the city of Halkida and that's whats most important. We plan on doing the same tommorow. It's a great way to focus. When hunger kicks in, you focus on God, then grab a litre of Fanta.

Getting pictures and videos online is going to be alot more difficult here on the island. In Athens, Shawn's laptop had access to the net. Here in Evia, it doesn't. This means that we need to look into alternative ways to get items off his hard drive and onto the blog. We apoligize for this as we know how much joy the pictures bring you. We do however, have a picture from the final day of Operation Gideon where we were commisioned.

That's all for today. Continue praying.

Paul Roides

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