Thursday, September 02, 2004

Urgent News from Greece!!

If ever there was a time to pray...
I recieved this e-mail from a missionary couple working in Greece with HM:

"Teams who came to Greece for the Operation Gideon outreach had a terrific
experience distributing door-hanger gift bags of Greek New Testaments,
newspapers and tracts during Greek siesta hours; however, about one-third of
the people were extremely displeased. People have complained to their
priests, and the priests have complained to the bishops. The Arch Bishop
has instructed the priests to gather all the bags of Bibles (even though
they have the approval letter of the Orthodox church in 45,000 of them)and
burn them. The believers on the islands are now suffering and taking the
brunt of the International teams
actions. Pray for God to bring good out of this situation, and honor and
glory to His name. The battle still continues here for the souls of men.
Pray also for the follow-up of requests that daily come in from the islands
for further contact."

It's very evident that Satan has contrived a swift backlash to our efforts through the Lord while on the Island. We need to be in fervent prayer about the above situation with the knowledge that the Lord is in control.

P.S. Hope you guys had a safe trip home, missing you allready ;)

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