Monday, September 06, 2004


Hello to all who are reading our team's website...still!!!
Hi to all the team members who have all returned safely home!
I just wanted to let everyone who is reading this know that, in a previos post I had stated that I had given literature to a young man working at the internet cafe we frequented.
Well I received an e-mail from him and he told me that he had read some of the literature given to him!!!!!!!! And after reading that post on priests wanting to burn bibles...I say way to go Thimios..and if people could continue to pray for him and that the Lord would reveal himself to Thimios...AND why not, that all this controversy with wanting to burn the bibles, would cause a curiosity amongst the Greeks to read the bibkes and literature for themselves and SEE what all the fuss is about??!!!
Miss everyone already..thanks so much for your prayers!

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