Tuesday, September 28, 2004

2 - The Sin of Shrimp

2. Keith: Then, let's go to the old testament that makes it sinful to consume the staple protein sources of the Pacific Rim (www.godhatesshrimp.com).
Shawn: By their nature, a water animal that has no fins to swim will crawl along the ground. Shrimp are scavengers, picking up and eating the junk on the sea floor. God knew this and instructed the israelites, who were living in pre-historic times void of a local hospital, not to eat these dirty animals. What a great God!

"Shrimp are scavengers, and will eat everything short of poo, including rotting organic matter- such as fish food that's been rotting in your gravel for a week (you dirty bugger you)"

Keith, would you eat a Racoon sandwich? How about a Seagull stew? No, because you see them going through your garbage. Same with these types of fish, they are the garbage men of the sea.

Also, this recent CNN article - click here - states that:
The typical serving of shrimp has two-thirds the amount of cholesterol you should consume in an entire day.

That's BEFORE butter, batter or deep-frying. Can you say "triple-bypass"?

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