Friday, September 24, 2004

1 - intro and the devil

What I have decided to do, is answer Keith's questions 1 by 1, post by post. I will not go into all the questions because some do not have simple answers. Some questions will take a little longer to find answers to, but answers are there, so thank you in advance for your patience. As you can see below, Keith was speechless when I replied with real data concerning the reliability of Bible translation. Therefore I have determined that the best way to answer the questions is not in a group, but individually. So here is question 1:

1. Keith: The original Hebrew text (about Satan - Isaiah 14) was about some Babylonian king who did bad things to the Jews. A bunch of dumb monks screwed up the translation for King James.
Shawn: Upon further analysis it seems I missed Keith's question here, which makes it much easier for me since Keith did not stop to read the Old Testament himself before blurting out his "vitriolic hatred." A simple search for Satan in the NIV (since I know you and King Jim aren't buddies) shows that Satan is mentioned many times. Far from Keith's claim that "he doesn't exist".

Also see Wikipedia for more info:

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