Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Run the race

Not sure if anyone else watched the grand finale of "the amazing race" last night, but there are a few things I wanted to comments on it:
1. The greece trip was just like amazing race - teamwork, endurance, tension,
struggle, comaradary, purpose, fullfillment, victory, glory
2. we are in a race - Heb 12
2. we need to be wise as serpents - christians had best attitude, but not killer instinct
3. satan is in the details - what cost them 1 million was one flight
4. tortoise & hare is so true
5. "reaching forward to win the prize" - not relaxing till the race is done, we cannot sit back and just go to church and think that the race is not important or not ours to run, or that someone else will run it.

I'll elaborate on these more soon.

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