Friday, September 24, 2004

Textual critisism

Well now on to the higher and loftier discussions with our friend Keith about the Holy Scriptures. Keith raises some great questions. Questions that I wrestled with before I became a Christian. Questions that need, and have answers. I will seek to answer them each thoroughly, for Keith's sake, but also for the rest of you reading this site.

First Keith asks: "Do you have any idea how messed up our translations are? "

Actually Keith, the good folks at the Canadian Bible Society can give me all the details about how accurate the translations are that we have. Why not check it out at:

Here's just a snippet of how the translators can translate DIRECTLY from the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts from the first or second century. For example:

So really there is nothing messed up with our English translation, and if there is we can go right back to the original Greek to translate a new version. No need to trust what old King James says when we have the original Greek.

And if you have a problem with the Greek manuscripts, here are some links: The New Testament has a little less than 15,000 copies and stands alone among ancient works of antiquity.

I'll give you some time to digest all that, as you are no doubt amazed that the Bible has such a firm foundation. More enlightenment soon.

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