Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Mark Taylor OG bloggin

Hey guys, check out our good ol' southern friend Mark Taylor's
website describing his experience
during the Olympic outreach.
Here's a taste of southern-finger-lickin-proclomation-evangelism goodness! Seems
like he spent some time doin evangelism in Halkida on our Island of Evia! Who knew?

I finished my responsibilities and went down to Sintagua Square on the bike to meet the team. As soon as I found a parking spot and found the team Alex Macris called. He had left the papers for the 65' sailboat at the house and needed me to run them an hour and a half north to the island of Evia so he could bring the boat under a draw bridge! Those of you that know me best know I love evangelism but riding motorcycles isn't too bad either! I picked up the papers and went to island. As I arrived I called Alex and he was still 3 hours away! I was mad! In my mind I was missing out on evangelism and the concert and could of still made it up before he got there! The island was one HUGE party! 400 yards of boardwalk covered in sin! I was very distraught! I started to pass out tracts and kid you not offered literature to probably 200 people, not one of them accepted! Now I was steaming! I
decided I was just going to eat a nice dinner and "watch the crowd" and the water, I went to sit down but couldn't. I had noticed a small pizza place on a back street and grabbed a couple of slices. Finally the lady working there accepted a tract! I was pleased. After eating I spent 20 minutes in prayer getting my heart right! I went back to the same boardwalk and am happy to say passed out over 150 tracts, it was amazing to walk through and see so many sitting on the benches reading about God's promises to us! Also that night I was able to preach to a couple of dozen people, 2 of which stayed with me till 3:30 am that morning and allowed me to pray for them, only God know's if they are saved now, but I know they are very close if not already! What a roller coaster night

Who knows, maybe he ate at "old faithful" and was able to "warm up" some folks before we arrived.

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