Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thanks for visiting

Keith, is it??
Well, that was quite an interesting statement to make.
Thanks for commenting...2x, shows that you are at least visiting the website and have done it at least twice.
Did you know that God isn't found in a building through common man made practices...he is real and available and it is your choice to get to know him. You have people here who will talk to you...I don't think you stumbled on this site by accident.
It takes alot of courage to write in a comment...let alone 2 times. I think that the Lord hasn't given up on you...yet.
Paul (from the Bible) said alot of horrible things about Christians and in the end became one and had to live with the things he had done and said to them. But he was forgiven and became one of the strongest Christians mentioned in the Bible!! can do with these words what you wish...but if you were saying things just to cause a reaction...becareful what reaction you ellicit...might be a life changing experience??

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