Thursday, September 23, 2004

My new friend Keith

Logged on to the Athensblog today to discover our friend Keith from Austin, Texas had visited the comment section and posted a revolting verbal picture of his bowels:

That's ok with us here at Athensblog, cause it is a free-speech world and those left-wingers like Keith usually push the envelope morally, any way they can.

After receiving the comment, I dashed to Keith's blog:, where I found this post entitled "Church":

In it Keith says:

"I'd go to church if they used Guinness instead of sacramental wine or holy water."

Since I am an evangelical Christian, and not a catholic that is familiar with holy water, I wanted to quote one verse of the Bible to you our friend Keith, to see what his response was to God's word:

Ephesians 5:18 - "Do not be drunk... but be filled with the spirit".

My understanding of the verse is that someone can experience a better "buzz" by worshiping God than by any alcoholic beverage, be it Guiness or otherwise. So instead of asking church for a different kind of alcohol, why not try a big drink of Jesus for your soul? Let me know Keith, if you're up to the "taste test" ;)

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