Thursday, September 01, 2005

September loggin in

30Sept05 - fri - cross movement concert (with 12 & Dave Burridge) Jesse, Josh, Sebastian, Clayon, Kyle, Jamoy, Kellz, Cookie, Kevin, Frank, Noah, Davian
29Sept05 - thurs - read to daycare kids, tracts @ MAC, speak at Awana
28Sept05 - wed - prayer
27Sept05 - tues - Zoo with bondts, 7PM Hayley@hospital for course
26Sept05 - mon, tues, wed - bondts stay over
25Sept05 - sun - BofB, FBH with Clayon, Kevin, Jamoy, Akeem, Kellz, Lunch at Evalines
24Sept05 - sat - Open House, Hayley at McMaster conference 9-3, CRUX -> 200 kids from 16 churches
23Sept05 - fri - youth
22Sept05 - thurs - read to daycare, lunch steve vance, highschools, awana,
21Sept05 - wed - prayer with elders, hayley at doctor, lunch with BY, tracts @ highschools, Takish install wires, prayer meeting
20Sept05 - tues - office, Hayley speaks at Ladies fellowship meeting
18Sept05 - sun - BofB, FBH (9 youth - 4 below plus josh, quentin, novella, kelisha), 8 over for lunch (kellz, cookie, clayon, josh, quentin, alpha, jordan, nabil), dinner at Derek & Maggies in Mississaugua.
17Sept05 - sat - Leaside Feast with 4 youth (kellz, jamoy, kevin, cookie)
16Sept05 - fri - office, 32 @ youth, tony hamilton speaker
15Sept05- thurs - office, videos@highschools with Nigel, awana
14Sept05- Wed - Pumpkin hunt planning meeting
11Sept05- sun - BofB, FBH,
10Sept05- sat - Prayer n share, Day of Prayer! Jason & Joy's
09Sept05- fri - First B-unit basketball (over 20), ESL teachers meet upstairs
08Sept05 - thurs - Lukas sick
07Sept05- wed - prayer meeting
06Sept05- tues - first day of school, tracts @ HS
05Sept05- mon - Mark Jenkinson rooftop labour day party
04Sept05- sun - BofB, FBH (2 new families, Lukas' friend Kelsie comes to church with her mom)
03Sept05- Sat - zoo
02Sept05- fri -
01Sept05- thurs- read to daycare kids, filming downtown with Nigel, dinner at Jason & Eders

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