Sunday, September 25, 2005

CRUX began

So, how did you like it Kevin?

Check out the pictures of the first CRUX rally -> here <-

If you have a few minutes you can download a copy of the CRUX video we showed - here. This clip is the first copy that Mark Jenkinson put together for us. It's 66MB and will probably take about 5 minutes to download, but shows Nigel and I randomly asking Bible questions to teens in front of local higshcools. Their answers are priceless! My favorite line from the video...

Shawn: If you heard the word Calvary, what would you think of?
Ali: I would think of...uhhh....cows?

Also, comment on how you feel about Christian rap in church -> here <- Some are quite opposed to it, others are using it to advance the kingdom. What's your take? Is it evil? Compromise? Or is it cutting edge ministry? Many have posted their opinions on the discussion forum....

"This whole modern movement about using entertainment and gimmicks to bring people into church to hear the gospel is disturbing. Just give me good old fashion gospel preaching."

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