Tuesday, September 20, 2005

CRUX - Saturday - 6:45PM - Be there!

This Saturday we're hosting our first CRUX youth rally at Bridlegrove. CRUX stands for C.hrist R.aised U.p X is the cross. We've got the Markham band, me & Nigel hosting with some videos, Jesse Weeks will be talking about his recent missions trip to Mexico, Mark Jenkinson's got games with prizes, Crux Productions will bring some sweet beats (including R.O.C.K. who performed last summer at the Bridlegrove concert- here), Jason V will be telling his testimony of how he found new life in Christ (the theme of the night is "New Beginnings") and of course food, fun and fellowship in the gym after. This is a seriously packed evening. There is something for absolutely everyone, so make sure you load up your car with as many youth/College kids as you can and come out to Bridlegrove Saturday at 6:45PM. Be there! Directions at www.bridlegrove.com

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