Saturday, September 03, 2005

The sayings of Sylas V1

Well folks, you've enjoyed the first 7 installments of "The sayings of Lukas", but today we present to you a new feature on the blog "The sayings of Sylas"!! That's right, our second little boy is having so much fun learning to speak that we had to share the joy with all of you! Here's the first installment:

Today we were going out the door to take the kids to the zoo. I buckled Sylas in his car seat and he gave me his award-winning smile. I gave him a kiss and started a brief conversation:
Daddy: Sylas, where are we going?
Sylas: ...Poop
Daddy: (thinking uh-oh dirty diaper) Oh no, Sylas did you poop?
Sylas: No, animal poop

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