Saturday, September 17, 2005 issue cleared up

Previously, I had posted a concern about a site which left a comment - here. I have since removed that post, and I'm happy to report contact with one of the webmasters of, who ran that blog. He was quite gracious in helping me understand their situation. For those who saw that post, here is an explanation.

First off, CMML was well aware that the folks owned the CMML.ORG site, and were redirecting it to their own page. That puts to rest any fears I had about them doing it without CMML's knowledge. I was mostly confused about this point and seeing that it is clear an all sides I'll apologize here publicly for jumping to conclusions.

Next, the pb/katrina blog expired because it was a typepad 30 day trial. The blog in question has expired and a new blog has taken it's place. The crew has a new blog - - here about the Katrina relief effort. On that new blog they will link to the official CMML page. I'm amazed at how easily things got worked out really. Thanks to the bro's at for working things out with me! Shalom!

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