Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Saul has posted his thousands, David has posted his tens of thousands!

Well folks the discussion forum is set to go over the 10,000 post mark in the next few days! Thanks to everyone who has made the forum such a success! Currently it's sitting at 9972 posts and, like every other good thing here on the athensBlog, we're going to celebrate with a contest! Whoever registers post nubmer 10,000 gets a special rank of their choosing. Ranks are those little titles next to your name that change as your total posts increase. If you're the lucky winner you get to choose a custom rank like "Grand-daddy", "Master & Commander", or just plain "Emporer", whatever you want!

The contest is open to everyone who is registered on the, if you haven't registered, just go to the discussion forum - here - register and start posting! Good luck everyone! We'll let you know who the winner is soon!

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