Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hi from PEI

Well it's Saturday morning and we're here on "the island". No major issues with the drive so we thank God for keeping us safe! Here's how the trip went:

- Thursday night we picked up Linda Peric (athensblog team member) from the aiport. She's in town for "Upward bound", the Sandy Macheachern camping/bible trip in Waterloo. We had a great time catching up with her about the past year where she was teaching in Cyprus.
- Veronica got dropped of as well for the trip and so the three girls chatted till the wee hours while I tried to get some sleep
- We got up at 3AM and loaded up the car. To my shagrin, gas had gone up to 99.1 and we filled up before we left. The highest we got gas for on the trip was 107.9. I was hoping to see *this* meteor shower, but the sky was overcast.
- The trip was pretty uneventful, we had the laptop set up for the kids to watch Dora and Bob the builder so they were pretty good.
- We stopped for lunch in Rimouski, where Sidney Crosby played Jr hockey. It was seriously french and we had a burger at a "poulet frit" chip stand by some beautiful scenery. Hopefully I'll get a picture or video up but don't hold your breath.
- The rest of the trip through New Brunswick was good and when we got to the PEI confederation bridge we let Veronica drive over, since she has her G1. We figured that it was a bridge, and not a major highway so she'd be OK if the cops pulled her over. Well, the funny thing was that right on the other side was a police check!! :) But they were just checking for seat-belts & registration and let us keep going :) So Veronica can now say she has driven across the bridge!

All for now, we're at Hayley's parents in Charlottetown and we should get into Emmanuel Bible Camp tonight where everyone is staying (and where I doubt they'll have internet access). Thanks for your prayers! We'll try to keep you updated.

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